Condolences for Mrs. Patsy Covey

Kelley Day posted on 1/16/19

Mr. Covey is was deeply saddened to hear of Dr. Covey's passing. I have missed you both. May God comfort you during this most difficult time. Kelley Day-USA Cardiology


Beth Capps Knox posted on 1/14/19

Twenty years have passed since I knew Patsy. The moment I saw her photo, I knew who she was. She wouldn't remember me, as I returned for my Psychology degree at a late age, therefore was more inclined to identify with the office staff and professors. Her photo immediately brought back GOOD memories and I know our paths crossed often. However, I did not know her maiden name was 'Capps' or we would have had much more to talk about, given it's mine too. Another irony, I was in Hendersonville, a favorite place, a month ago: a grandchild is in Ashville. No doubt Patsy and I would have had a lot more in which to explore. I am so sorry for your tremendous lost of such a golden soul. Obviously, after affecting thousands of lives, her work was done. That is my belief. Special condolences to her 'Capps' brothers, no doubt long lost cousins. Her legacy will now and forever be a part of USA. It's their loss for her leaving them, and my gain for having known her. As a Near Death Experiencer, do take comfort that she is Home now: she would not want to come back. We will all join her eventually. She has earned her reward!


Elizabeth DeBuvitz Dermid posted on 1/13/19

Lee, My thoughts and prayers have been with you and the family since I learned of Pat’s passing. I only wish I had known about the service as I would have been there. Although our times together were few, I grew to love and respect the beautiful person and soul that she was. I will forever remember her loving and caring ways. My deepest sympathies and heartfelt blessings in your days to come.


Susan Santoli posted on 1/11/19

Lee, I am so very sorry to learn of Pat’s death! I have such wonderful memories of you both. It was such an honor to be at USA with Pat. She was a fabulous role model for all women on campus and was always the consummate professional. Prayers for strength and comfort in this great grief!


Susan Santoli posted on 1/11/19

Oh, Lee. I am so very sorry to learn of Pat's death! I have such wonderful memories of you both. It was such a pleasure to work with Pat at USA. She was such a role model for all women at the University and was the ultimate professional! You are certainly in my prayers in this great grief!


Frank and Diane Bailey posted on 1/11/19

Lee, we were so sad to read of Pat's passing. We will always remember her enthusiastic spirit and the welcome she always gave to us when we would enjoy dinners together. You both gave us your friendship and love during those early years when our girls were small. We pray for God's love and comfort to surround you at this difficult time.


Vicki Maughon posted on 1/10/19

I was Dr. Covey's Administrative Assistant at the University of South Alabama for over 10 years and I truly adored her. There are people in this world that there are not enough words to describe how incredibly special they are; and she sure was! When I think of her, I think of a "Pioneer," because she championed for what she believed in. Her passion was teaching and helping others to reach their dreams and be their very best. What an honor to have known her and worked with her all of those years! She will be missed and is loved by so many. Lee, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Shannon Brown posted on 1/10/19

Patsy was both a mentor and a friend. Her passing saddens me, and I send condolences to her family and friends. She leaves an indelible mark on The University of South Alabama and all who knew her.


Nancy Dunn posted on 1/9/19

Lee, I am so sorry to hear of Pat's passing. I always enjoyed seeing you both on your visits to Mobile. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.


Anne Harrison Petty posted on 1/9/19

Oh, Lee, I was so sorry to hear of your loss. I just want her to grab another coke and keep going. My friend for forty years will be ever in my heart.


Donna (and John) Crawford posted on 1/8/19

Because we were around Pat at Kenmure Fitness Center, we knew she took pride in her physical health. Lee, we will miss the humble, wonderful person that your wife was. Please give yourself time to grieve and try to take care of yourself!!


Robert W. Chagrasulis, M.D. posted on 1/8/19

Dr. Patsy Covey was instrumental in the early years of the University of South Alabama College of Medicine as Dean of Allied studies. She was terrific to work with and I am glad to have called her a friend; I am distressed to learn of her passing, but she left an incredible legacy of leadership at USA and was important in the education of many medical professionals. Rest in Peace, Patsy - you earned it, you deserve it. Bob Chagrasulis, M.D. USACOM Class of 1981


Sue Brannan Walker posted on 1/8/19

Dr. Pat Covey was a good friend and one of the people I most admired at the University of South Alabama. She was a scholar, professor, and administrator who served the University with honor and integrity. Sue Walker


Robert Morgan posted on 1/8/19

I am so sorry to hear of the death of Pat. I have so many happy memories of her in Tuxedo, and much later at Mobile. She was a cousin I and the whole community are proud of. She had a wonderful career, and will be missed by so many.


Debra Peyer Reynolds posted on 1/8/19

So sorry. I worked for Dr. Covey for 5 years at USA. It was the division of allied health at that time, but became College also during my time. I learned so much from Dr. Covey and we had some great times as well. I still work for the University and she and I stayed in contact during that time. I considered her a friend.



Janice Sellers posted on 1/8/19

I am so sorry to hear of Dr. Covey's passing. I had a lot of respect for Dr. Covey. She was always very nice to me and was a very special lady and she will be sorely missed by many. I send my prayers, sympathy and condolences to the family. May God give you peace and comfort.


Janice Sellers posted on 1/8/19

I am so saddened to hear of Dr. Covey's passing. I worked in the College of Allied Health, Department of Physical Therapy at the University of South Alabama for 19 years. During this time period Dr. Covey was the Dean and Vice President. I had a lot of respect for Dr. Covey and she was always good to me and I liked her very much. She was a special lady and will be sorely missed by many. I send my prayers and condolences for the family. God bless you.


Frances P. Barbour (formerly Fisher) posted on 1/7/19

I was Administrative Assistant to Dr. Thomas L. Wells, Dean, School of Continuing Education & Special Programs. My only child was a boy, born with severe Cerebral Palsy. Jay was never supposed to live past his teens but in 2003 died at the age of 35. I will always adore Dr. Covey because of her kindness but she will live in my heart forever. The first day I was back in the office after burying my son, Dr. Covey called me and we chatted for about 10-15 minutes. She said she knew what it was like having a handicapped child and assured me that Jay was in a happy place now. I will never forget her so very kind and sincere words. Did Dr. Covey really know me? Perhaps, but only in passing and over the phone. But to think that she would take the time out of her day to be so kind and supportive of me was overwhelming. For that I will truly love her forever. May God bless your soul Dr. Covey, you were a very special lady to those who admired and loved you.


Julio Turrens posted on 1/7/19

Pat was one of the most outstanding faculty members at the University of South Alabama. I had the privilege to work under her leadership in many positions over the years, from Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences to Associate Dean of the college. She recruited me into Allied Health (Biomedical Sciences). She always supported initiatives that would move the University forward. Under her supervision, I worked in many initiatives with her including the creation of the Undergraduate Research Program, the Honors' Program and the Environmental Toxicology program. She and Lee always felt like extended family. I will very much miss her friendship and knowledge.


Mr. Chavarry posted on 1/7/19

A person who touched many lives. My deepest condolence to the family.